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If you want to find the best health insurance quote in the Philippines it can be a confusing task trying to compare different policies, learning how to calculate monthly premiums and trying to figure out what exactly each policy will cover you for in the event of becoming sick or injured and faced with large medical bills. 

With Money Monster you can compare the best health insurance plans with our simple tool which shows you all of the available private medical insurance plans in one simple table so you can compare features such as the policy benefits for inpatient care, outpatient care, emergency care, the policy holders deductible and the maximum benefit limit. 


How to choose a health insurance plan?


Before you compare health insurance quotes you need to decide if you will be getting an individual, joint or family policy and what you would like to be covered against as this will really affect your monthly premium e.g. would you like to be insured for accidents and minor illnesses or fully insured against major medical problems.  Points to think about are...


- What does the insurance policy cover


- What level of cover should I get considering my age health and lifestyle. 


- Is there a no claims discount on the policy. 


- What illness and treatments are included and excluded in the insurance plan. 


- What monthly premiums can I afford?


Policies from insurers will vary a lot in how much they cover the costs of in-patient and out-patient treatment and choosing the right insurance plan that is suitable for your current age and health is very important so that you’re not wasting money on being over covered or worse, under covered. 


Most insurance companies will cover the costs of inpatient treatment such as tests and surgery. With outpatient treatment such as diagnostic tests, scans and doctor’s consultations, the level of cover will vary from each insurer and insurance plan unless you have a comprehensive policy in which case this should cover most out-patient treatments.


 The major insurance providers in the Philippines such as Philam life, bluecross, maxicare and insular health insurance have different protection levels available with benefits such as a daily hospital income benefit  which gives you cash on a daily basis to help you with the loss of income due to your hospitalization.  There are also Long term hospitalization benefits, intensive care unit benefits and critical illness benefits all of which provide you with extra daily cash to help with the loss of income. 


Remember there are low cost plans to expensive plans and each will determine how much medical care and treatment you will be covered for by the insurer. Always read the policy carefully the small print and understand what illness and sickness you will be covered for and how much compensation you will receive in the event of a large medical bill. 


Find the best health insurance plans.


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