What is broadband?

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What is broadband?

The internet has changed the world, now we’re doing so much online from paying bills to communicating with friends and family or just good old shopping . But to do all these things we need a fast and reliable connection to the internet. Broadband is that connection, simply explained the word broadband is any fast permanent internet connection.

What exactly is broadband?

People familiar with the early days of the internet will remember the painfully slow process of using a dial up modem to connect. The modem on your computer would use your existing phone line and dial into the internet, just trying to connect could take often take several minutes . The fact that you had to use a single line (your phone line) meant that when you were connected to the internet you could no longer use your phone line to make phone calls. Replace the single line or to be exact the single band with multiple bands and suddenly data (websites, facebook, chat, video cam) can travel down the line many times faster. The name comes from instead of having a single band (your phone line was single band) you now have a broad band (multiple bands).

Is broadband fast?

The Philippines has more and more options when it comes to internet providers, so to ensure you get the best deal try using our tool: compare broadband in the philippines

More and more internet providers is great news for the consumer as it means the providers are always competing to offer the fastest internet connection.  Internet speed is very important, the faster the connection the faster each website will load which means less waiting. Fast connections mean we can do things such as stream live music or have high quality skype video chat with loved ones or even watch live TV on the internet.

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