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the most annoying vehicles on the road - car insurance

The most annoying vehicles on the road for other drivers?

So you’re a safe driver, you take a defensive, calm and controlled approach when driving, you get your car checked every year for problems and you have comprehensive car insurance just in case you get into an accident. Yet every time you go out for a drive you are bombarded with reckless and annoying drivers…

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tips for filipinos for cheap car insurance quotes

Cheap Car Insurance Tips For Lower Quotes

Ever wonder how you can lower you car insurance payments without removing useful features from your policy? Here we explore some common tips to help you get the best quotes from car insurance companies. Driving is a privilege and it feels great to get behind the wheel of your own car and have so much…

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cost of medical bills and health insurance

The cost of medical care in the Philippines

What is the cost of medical care in the Philippines? More Filipinos are becoming concerned about the high cost of medical care in the Philippines and wondering if they can afford hospital bills and medical bills without health insurance and the answer is usually a solid no. For people who don’t have good health insurance, the…

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