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best credit card for you

What is the best credit card for me?

Because we all have different spending habits and finances there is no single best credit card in the Philippines.  Instead each person has their own unique most suitable credit card based on their spending habits, wants and financial capability. This means the best credit card for you might not be suitable at all for your…

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credit cards

Best Philippine credit cards for shopping online in the US

A lot of us Filipinos enjoy shopping online in America because of the cheaper prices and huge selection (druel worthy huge) of products that are available, many of which you can’t buy in the Philippines or cost substantially more here. You can safely shop online using your Philippine credit cards on American websites or online…

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entreprenuers who made it without a degree

Filipinos entrepreneurs who made it without a college degree

Education is important if at all you want to succeed or make something out of this life but there are some Filipino entrepreneurs who have managed to make it without a college degree and this was through hard work and really believing in themselves. The only drive that one should possess in the event that…

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credit card tips

How to be smart with your credit card in the Philippines

Used correctly credit cards can get you discounts, rewards and be a genuine asset to your monthly finances. Used irresponsibly however and they can become a heavy financial burden. Here are 5 useful tips for Filipinos to make credit cards work in your favour. 1) Use your credit card for most purchases. This one only applies…

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how to choose a credit card

What is a credit card?

What is a credit card and how to compare them? Credit cards are a convenient way to pay for almost any of your purchases from shopping sprees in the mall & online to paying for hotels and flights for your family vacation. But, you must remember when you spend money using your credit card, you…

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