The cost of medical care in the Philippines

cost of medical bills and health insurance

What is the cost of medical care in the Philippines? More Filipinos are becoming concerned about the high cost of medical care in the Philippines and wondering if they can afford hospital bills and medical bills without health insurance and the answer is usually a solid no. For people who don’t have good health insurance, the threat of being financially ruined or bankrupted by a serious family sickness is even higher than those that are fully insured.  For the very poor, a treatable illness can be a family tragedy as they know they will not be able to afford the medical bills and therefore the effected person will most likely not be hospitalized. It’s not just the big hospital bill and surgery costs but even the doctor’s bills and medicines are becoming too expensive for Filipinos to afford and we are therefore becoming a nation that it starting to avoid doctor and hospital visits due to the expensive medical costs, this obviously puts people’s health at risk.

If you’re wondering how much health care in the Philippines costs, a look at some of the typical health problems in the country and the average costs of hospital bills, doctors bills and surgery costs to treat those illnesses will reveal why getting good health insurance cover is becoming crucial to a families heath and financial security.

Typical costs of medical care

Kidney problems – Medical costs in the Philippines for treating kidney problems is extremely expensive. According to the national kidney and transport institute, kidney diseases are the 7th biggest cause of death in the Philippines. Dialysis which is usually a required treatment for kidney problems can cost 3000 – 4000 pesos per session and can be required 3 times per week for years. This means someone undergoing dialysis could be spending  over 40,000 pesos per month just on the dialysis procedure. This type of medical cost is just too high for many Filipinos. The actual kidney operation can cost from 1 – 2 millions pesos.

Heart disease – 5 out of 10 Filipinos according to the NSA die from cardiovascular causes and up to 21% of the deaths in a particular year are caused by heart disease. It’s a serious problem, even more so when you consider the average cost of heart surgeries and treatments range from 200,000 pesos to 1.5 million pesos for your total medical bill.

Cancer – the most common cancer in the Philippines is breast cancer with 15 Filipinos a day who die from the disease. Treatment costs can vary depending on the cancer and stage but can often cost more than 2 million pesos once you include the expensive medicines and doctors fees. This puts tremendous stress on families who will suffer both emotionally, seeing their loved ones suffer from health issues,  and financially.

As we get older health becomes something we need to pay more attention to. It’s important you look at your financial situation, way up the pros and cons of health insurance and determine if insuring your health is a wise move or not for you and your family. For a monthly premium to an insurance company you can protect yourself both in terms of health and financially. Make sure you find the best insurance policy that offers value for money in terms of a low monthly premium but also offers great health cover meaning they will cover a wide variety of treatments and costs.

Written by Aileen Ng for Money Monster health Insurance

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