Personal Loans

When we want to buy a new car, or do some home improvements such as a new fridge or tv we often need to borrow money, a personal loan might be the best choice.

Personal loans or unsecured loans are different from credit cards and quick loans because they let you borrow a fixed amount of money over a fixed term and sometimes at a fixed interest rate. This makes budgeting much easier and stable.

  • Personal loans pros and cons

    Pros and cons of a loan

    When you’re trying to compare personal loans in the Philippines it’s important to consider all of the factors of the loan, not just interest rates

  • Getting a loan with bad credit

    If you had a difficult financial past if might be difficult to convince banks to lend you money

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Personal Loan?

Unlike mortgages, most of the time a personal loan is given out without the need to commit a house or car as security. Personal loans are also referred to as salary loans. You can decide between a variety of lending companies in the Philippines, offering different rates and benefits. Our loan calculator helps you finding the best rates for your personal situation. You are able to apply for a personal loan for a time period of from 6 months up to 3 years.

Money Monster Loan Calculator

We have compiled information about various offers and put it all in one loan calculator. Unsecured loans start at PHP 5,000 and go up to PHP 3,000,000. If you want to take out a larger amount, you should look for secured loan like mortgages. With salary loans, the amount is also limited by your monthly salary. You should also consider your capacity to make your personal loan repayments on time, as failing to do so will result in penalties. Once you have found the best personal loan using our calculator, click apply now to start the application process.

How does it work?

After you have applied for a loan, one of our brokers will contact you and assist you in filing the application. Additionally, banks have certain regulations about the age of the lender. As a general rule, you must be at a minimum of 21 of age and a maximum 70 years of age. We will assist you in filling out the application and you will be contacted by a bank representative. Subsequently, you will sign a contract, which includes a fixed monthly repayment amount and states the interest rate.

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