Bank Product Name Interest Up To Initial Deposit Minimum Balance

Allied Bank

Allied Bank Angat Savings Account

2.50 %

10,000 10,000



Citibank Citi e-Savings Plus

2.00 %

30,000 30,000

Savings Account Guides

Savings accounts Guide

Savings Account Information

What is A Savings Account?

A savings account or passbook savings allows you to save money while being able to enjoy the flexibility it offers since it is available on demand with any withdrawal restrictions like being able to withdraw a specific amount. Banks offer savings accounts in different currencies in the Philippines. Peso and dollar saving accounts are most popular.

How to find the Savings Account Best Interest Rate?

It can be quite confusing finding the right savings account for your personal needs. Therefore, we have listed the accounts above and their most important information. By clicking on the top of the interest column, the savings accounts will be sorted by interest rate. Terms and conditions apply.

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